Green Apple: Yoni Bar Soap - 10 ACV Bars

Green Apple: Yoni Bar Soap - 10 ACV Bars

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Green Apple Beauty Bar is a complex fresh fruity undertones of Cuban banana with an underlying sweetness of creamy. Our soap is made in small batches, with organic and sustainable ingredients. This bar is available in 2 different sizes. Our loaf. bar is a great way to try new fragrances and the 3.5- 4 lbs is the standard size of our loaf. 

Item Name: Yoni Soap / Yoni Bar Material: 100% Natrual Quantity: 1pcs/bag Shelf life: 2 years Smell: Rose Smell

Yoni Soap Functions:

1. Vaginal Cleansing, Private Itching, Odor, Anti bacteria, vaginal tightening 2. Leucorrhea abnormal, promote proper hormone function and balance the vaginal PH.

Yoni Soap Usage:

1. Using warm water to clean hand, and wet private parts; 2. Apply the soap to private parts. 3. Massage slightly 1-2 minutes, clean up with water.


Typical soap use, do not eat,

Olive oil - Moisturizes skin, relieves itching and dryness, prevents aging

Raw shea butteand Goat milk a- Aids in natural collagen production, nourishing, moisturizing for the skin

Castor oil - Reduces fine lines, moisturizes, fights off bacteria, prevents aging

Rice bran oil - Hypoallergenic, fatty oil used as an antioxidant, adds suppleness to the skin, great for sensitive skin

Coconut oil - Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, hydrating to the skin.

Every item sold plants a tree through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Green Apple: Yoni Bar Soap - 10 ACV Bars