Wholesale Yoni Soap Bars - Bulk Yoni Soap

                Wholesale Yoni Soap Bars 

After many hours of researching this hot topic (Where to buy wholesaleYoni Soap bars) we have come up with this list of online stores based on the following.

1. Product Quility and ingredients.

2. Price 

3. Shipping Time

4. Customization of the bars.

5. Customer Service

6. Look, smell and selection.

7. The results of use.


Number one goes to a company called Soapsforyoni.com the can also be found on Instagram @soapsforyonistore. We picked Soapsforyoni.com at number #1 because they are the only company on list that Rank 5 out of 5 in all 7 key metrics. The offered over 35 different bars to choose from, We order 2 sample packs both having 10 bars each so thats 20 different bars. After ordering the bars we received them within 3 bussiness as advertised. They made both me and my partner skin feel clean, soft and conditioner, they also smell amazing. Each bar reminded me of my childhood being in candy store, the bars made my bathroom smell and look amazing on display. The price for wholesale is affordable $49.99,  they allow you customize your soaps. They contacted me after purchase asking if I wanted it to be custom for the same price. You can call them anytime exampt Saturday's the are extremely helpful in setting up your Soap and skincare bussiness. This works for my business real people helping everything from soap ideas to marketing. My business has doubled ever month since August 2020 when I started buy my wholesale Yoni Soap Bars, Yoni Wash, Oils, Serums, and bath and beauty bars. These Nature bars are like the ones sold at Whole foods for $21 each only twice as large and less than $5 a bar .. 5 stars all day Soapforyoni.com



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