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            What's Yoni Soap ?

Yoni is a Sanskirt word which means "womb". Our Yoni Soap bar is made with our Yoni Herbs and Yoni oils and is strong enough to help stop odors, balance pH levels, helps to prevent bacteria and infections like BV(bacteria vaginosis) and yeast infections, but it's delicate and gentle enough not to harm your good bacteria. No Yoni Soap designs are ever the same but the recipe is. While using our soap, you will experience a daily glow, clean, clear, soft and supple skin. Disclaimer: All Yoni Soaps are made with Apple Cider Vinegar, so if you're sensitive to vinegars, please do not use these soaps.Extreme Lather; Moisturizer; Cleanser; Unscented; Soft on SkinWww.soapsforyoni.comhttps://youtu.be/14JTMCYnd0E



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