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    • Yoni Pearls

      1. Thoroughly wash your hands and take one EmpressBody™ Detox pearl 

      2. Pull out the string of the EmpressBody™ Detox pearl, keep a small amount outside of vagina so it is easy to find after 2/3 day detox is over

      3. Insert the detox pearl inside vagina approximately 7 cm deep ( as deep as your middle finger can push it) - Only insert Onepearl.

      4. You must remove the detox pearl no later than 3 days,though some women remove after 2 days after seeing results.

      5. One EmpressBody™ Detox pearls can be used for 2-3 days

      6. Clean vagina with warm water

      7. Insert next detox pearl 24 hours after removing the first one


      Adittional information

      Some itching, mild burning and cramping may happen. For the majority these symptoms pass quickly. For a full detox 6 pearls are recommended, and these should be used as instructed in steps 1 - 7.  Let your discharge come out naturally, Some might want to douche to help get rid of the toxins faster, but I recommend letting the toxins come out on their own. Douching is not healthy in my book.  For further information you can consult our FAQ section, or email our customer service team, if your concern is not answered.

                                                                             Main Ingredients

      Refined from Osthol, Stemona sessilifolia , Kochiascoparia, motherwort, Rhizoma smilacis glabrae, Angelica, Rhizoma chuianxiong and borneol.

      Osthole/ Cnidium- increases sexual libido,fertility and clears skin, also good for infections or any bacteria build up.

      Stemona sessilifolia- helps regulate blood flow around womb while killing parasites, helps to relax tension in uterine muscles which can cause menstrual cramps for women with endometriosis.

      Kochia Scoparia- anti fungal effect, eases itching and problematic urination.

      Motherwort - helps to regulate menstrual cycle while removing toxins around the perineum area.

      Rhizoma smilacis- anti-flammatory properties, expels toxins, alleviates pain, helps to treat gonorrhoea.

      Angelica- known for its use in treating menopause,cramps and PMS. Useful to end hot flashes, also seen as a natural aphrodisiac.

      Rhizoma chuianxiong- important ingredient for gynaecological disorders, eliminates cold pathogens in the vagina, promotes blood circulation, helps with blood stasis.

      Borneol- very rare herb,reduces pain and hot flashes, plays an important role in severe disease also while tightening vaginal muscles.

  • How do you use yoni soap? | Yoni Soap Bar

    Yoni Bar Soap is formulated for women to cleanse the intimate areas. It helps to balance vaginal pH level, which helps in preventing itchiness and bacterial infections. This improves the growth of good bacteria, resulting in a healthy vagina.

    Can be used everyday.
    1) Wash the area around the vagina (Vulva) not inside it. ,
    2) After washing, dry yourself properly
    3) A change of underwear is recommended, so you stay fresh and clean.

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    Yoni Soap Recipe   Yoni Bar Soap is formulated for women to cleanse the intimate areas. It helps to balance vaginal pH level, which helps in preven...
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    Maplewood NJ Yoni Soap and Vipbeautycompany got started in 2001 by Victor, a former registered nurse and his wife.  Victor started the business by mistake when she was trying to find a natural way to help cure the symptoms of his wife's eczema. This company officially became a full-time business in 1973.

    This soap company started out small and grew by focusing on taking the chemicals out of hygiene products. They made their name by offering only pure, organic and healthy products.